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Cargo Handling Cooperative Program (CHCP)

Aerial view of a port.


The vision of the CHCP is to provide leading-edge cargo handling solutions that support a sustainable and seamless freight transportation system. The approach to our vision ensures that cargo handling solutions are developed and designed to facilitate a seamless freight transportation system and make possible partnerships that support highways, railroads, waterways, seaports, and pipelines to achieve the national goal of economic well being through a sustained competitive transportation system.


The mission of the CHCP is to actively pursue industry-driven enhancements to cargo handling that increase productivity to improve customer service by:

  1. Addressing solutions to cargo handling systems and design.
  2. Addressing the development and application of innovative technologies.
  3. Seek ways to increase productivity.
  4. Support national defense transportation requirements.


From the beginning in 1983, the primary goal of the CHCP has been to increase the productivity of marine freight transportation companies through cargo handling research and development. As a public-private partnership, the CHCP was designed to foster research and technology development among U.S.-flag ocean carriers. The membership actively pursues innovative cargo handling developments to increase the productivity and cost effectiveness of cargo operations. The organization undertakes research and technology development initiatives that play a key role in making intermodal freight more secure.

Strategic Imperatives

  • Address solutions to cargo handling systems.
  • Address the development and application of innovative technologies.
  • Seek ways to increase cargo handling productivity.
  • Support national defense transportation requirements.
Updated: Tuesday, October 30, 2018