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Conveyance FAQ

Aerial view of a port.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible to apply for surplus property?

  1. Any State
  2. The District of Columbia;
  3. The Commonwealth of Puerto Rico;
  4. Guam;
  5. American Samoa;
  6. The Virgin Islands;
  7. Trust Territory of the Pacific Islands;
  8. The Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands, or
  9. Any political subdivision, municipality, or instrumentality thereof is eligible to receive property for use.

Eligibility requirements are listed in 46 CFR § 387.2

How many acres of property have been conveyed to grantees?

Approximately 2,900 acres of land have been conveyed to eligible grantees since the inception of the Public Benefit Conveyance Program in 1994.

Which applicants have been successful and where are the properties located that have been conveyed to successful applicants?

There have been fourteen applicants that have received property conveyances or have been approved to receive property.   Those successful applicants are as follows:

  1. America’s Central Port: 752.00 acres (Granite City, IL)
  2. City of Dillingham: 2.38 acres (Dillingham, AK)
  3. City and Borough of Juneau: 1.91 acres (Juneau, AK)
  4. Port of Benton: 71.15 acres (Richland, WA)
  5. Port of Hueneme – Oxnard Harbor District: 33.00 acres (Port Hueneme, CA)
  6. Port of Long Beach: 407.35 acres (Long Beach, CA)
  7. Port of Los Angeles: 48.32 acres (Los Angeles, CA)
  8. Port of Memphis: 42.64 acres (Memphis, TN) – Pending Summer 2018 transfer
  9. Port of New Orleans: 12.90 acres (Jefferson Parish, LA)
  10. Port of Pasco, WA: 2.16 acres (Pasco, WA)
  11. Orange County Port & Navigation District: 13.73 acres (Orange, TX)
  12. Rhode Island Commerce Corporation: 96.00 acres (Davisville, RI)
  13. Port of Stockton: 1,433.00 acres (Stockton, CA)
  14. Port of Tacoma: 9.03 acres (Tacoma, WA)

Do grantees of Public Benefit Conveyance property own the land?

Grantees of PBC property do not own the land. The conveyed property cannot be mortgaged, nor can any similar encumbrance be placed on the land. The government has the right to repossess any conveyed property if the Grantee does not adhere to the terms and conditions contained in the instrument of conveyance, the Quitclaim Deed.

Can personal property be conveyed to a Grantee as part of a PBC?

Yes. Surplus Property means Federal real property and/or related personal property duly determined to be unneeded by a Federal agency which may be conveyed to an applicant for use in the development or operation of a port facility, per 46 CFR § 387.2.

Updated: Tuesday, October 30, 2018