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Office of the Administrator

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Role and Purpose

The Maritime Administrator is the head of the Maritime Administration and advises and assists the Secretary of Transportation on commercial maritime matters, the U.S. maritime industry, and strategic sea-lift. The Maritime Administrator also maintains liaison with public and private organizations concerned with the U.S. maritime industry.

Major Activities

The Administrator works for the Secretary of Transportation. The Administrator develops broad Maritime Administration policies and manages the Maritime Administration’s activities, particularly to ensure the Maritime Administration’s compliance with statutory obligations and requirements. As the U.S. maritime policy advisory to the Secretary, the Administrator also maintains contact with international maritime groups, conducts negotiations, and maintains effective relations with other agencies of the Federal Government and the public.

The Administrator is also the Chairperson of the Maritime Subsidy Board, Commandant of the United States Maritime Service, and Director of the National Shipping Authority.

The Deputy Maritime Administrator is responsible for matters not requiring the personal attention of the Administrator and recommends action when the Administrator’s review or approval is required. The Deputy is a member of the Maritime Subsidy Board and serves as Acting Administrator in the absence or preoccupation of the Administrator.

The Civil Rights Director manages the Maritime Administration’s civil rights program.

Updated: Tuesday, November 20, 2018