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South Atlantic Gateway Office (Miami)


The South Atlantic Gateway Office is the field office for the Maritime Administration that serves South Carolina, Georgia, Florida (except the Panhandle), Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands.

Four of the top ten container ports in the nation are located in this region. These ports serve markets beyond the Southeast U.S., reaching deep into the Midwest, linking Europe, Latin America, The Caribbean, China and Africa. A new seaport is being planned jointly by the States of South Carolina and Georgia, while a mega-port is under construction in Puerto Rico and two deepwater seaports are under development off the coast of Florida. New berths are being built in a number of Florida seaports in preparation to meet the changing trade patterns created by the expansion of the Panama Canal. Marine Highway trade routes are being explored in the Gulf, the Atlantic Coastline and around major metropolitan areas. The cruise industry has selected both homeports and ports of call in this region, with 54% of all cruise passengers that sail choosing South Atlantic ports.  In the center of this activity, the marine industry based in the South Atlantic is pursuing resolutions to various environmental challenges.

Within the National Gateway Office team, the South Atlantic Gateway Office will serve as the subject matter expert for cruise and passenger services. In addition to coordinating with the private sector, the Gateway Office also serves as the regional liaison to peers in Federal, State and local governmental agencies.

Updated: Tuesday, March 5, 2019