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Federal Grant Assistance

This page provides resources and assistance relating to Federal Grants, including tutorials (below) and common forms.



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Invoice Summary Worksheet:

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Filling out the SF270:

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Exhibits are non-negotiable terms and conditions of Federal grant agreements. This link, applicable to Federal grant recipients, houses relevant Exhibits for a variety of MARAD’s grant programs.

Common Forms

  1. FASTLANE Quarterly Report – BLANK
  2. FASTLANE Quarterly Report Instructions
  3. Invoices Summary Reimbursement Req
  4. SF270-V1.0
  5. SF-425_instructions
  6. SF425-V1.0
  7. sf-428
  8. TIGER Quarterly Report – BLANK
  9. TIGER Quarterly Report Instructions

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For more information about grants or funding options, contact the Office of...

Updated: Wednesday, February 12, 2020