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MARAD's Office of Data & Reports publishes data, statistics, and reports on a variety of maritime transportation topics, everything from lists of U.S.-flag fleets, to statistics on U.S. coastal containerships. Maintaining and providing this information helps MARAD support research and media inquiries, promote transparency, and increase public interest in our nation's world-class maritime transportation system.

What will you find on this site?

MARAD tracks, records, and manages dozens of data points across its many activities and responsibilities. We present our data in three categories -- Data StatisticsData Reports, and Historical Data & Reports -- and focus on three key topics: vessels, international trade, and port activity.


The United States has vessles at every major U.S. port (including Alaska and Hawaii), traveling along every intermodal waterway, and moving between destinations around the world. MARAD keeps detailed records of our various vessel groups, or "fleets." See our Fleet Lists on the Data Statistics page.

International Trade

Our economic security in the global trade market is directly tied to waterborne container trade. MARAD provides data and statistics about U.S. waterborne foreign container trade to and from U.S. Customs-managed ports and districts.

Port Activity

MARAD tracks vessel calls in U.S.-managed ports.

Notes on Data & Presentation

  • Our information is presented in various file types, such as Excel spreadsheets and PDFs, and can include raw data, sometimes with additional information (notes) for context. ?[Upon request, and if resources allow, can provide new raw data and custom analysis. See our report request form.]?
  • Some electronic images are provided “as-is” and might include pencil markings and typographical errors.
  • Some data products might blur the line between "raw data", "statistics", and "reports." For instance, raw data can also be a listing of statistics, and anything can be classified as a "report." We do our best to name and present data in the most logical and consumable form.
  • Our goal is to provide up-to-date data and reports on a variety of maritime transportation topics, but information on this site is NOT exhaustive and, for national defense and economic security reasons, we do not address certain topics and/or publish all datapoints. See the Freedom of Information Act for details about disclosure trends and your rights to request information.


For further details about our Data & Report services, contact data.marad@dot.gov.

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Updated: Thursday, July 18, 2019