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Economic Security

What Could a Stronger Maritime Transportation System Do?

Such a system would strengthen the economy and further national security in an increasingly globalized world. It would give us better access to 95% of the world’s markets overseas, enable us to project power globally, and allow us to responded to crises anywhere in the world. Building this system would create hundreds of thousands of middle-class jobs, relieve the growing congestion on highways and rail lines, and play a critical role in America’s energy independence. In short, enhancing our maritime transportation system would advance the entire country.

The Maritime Administration is the agency within the U.S. Department of Transportation dealing with waterborne transportation. We are working to create the maritime transportation system of the future.  That mean helping providing our ports with the planning tools and resources they need to improve infrastructure, increase efficiency, accommodate the largest international carriers and boost international trade.  It also include working to increase the use of our Nation’s vast navigable waterways network by fully incorporating these waterways into the greater U.S. transportation system, especially where marine transportation services are the most efficient, effective, and sustainable transportation option. 

Our nation is experiencing an energy boom and we’re helping companies explore new offshore export opportunities in this sector as well as negotiating international agreements that promote and support U.S. carriers, and help to sustain and grow America’s domestic and foreign trade.  Though largely unknown, these carriers play a critical role in our national security, supporting our military by transporting the equipment, fuel and other provisions needed to successfully engage our adversaries.  We help ensure our national maintains this fleet of private commercial oceangoing carriers by supporting their ability to compete in international trade.  Together, these efforts help our nation meet its our economic and national security needs while safe, secure, efficient and environmentally sustainable maritime transportation system to maintain our way of life. Learn more about these activities and how the Maritime Administration is meeting the nation’s transportation, security and energy challenges by clinking on the links below. 

Updated: Monday, November 26, 2018