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Deepwater Ports Map

Deepwater Port Location and Status Map - Current as of 6-25-19

Applications Currently Under Review

  1. Bluewater SPM (Oil [Export])
  2. SPOT Terminal Services (Oil [Export])
  3. Texas COLT (Oil [Export])
  4. Texas GulfLink (Oil [Export])
  5. Texas Gulf Terminals (Oil [Export])

Approved: Operational Facilities

  1. Louisiana Offshore Oil Port (Oil [Bidirectional])
  2. Neptune (LNG [Import])
  3. Northeast Gateway (LNG [Import])

Approved: License Issuance Pending

  1. Delfin (LNG [Export])

Approved: Surrendered Licenses

  1. Gulf Landing (LNG [Import])
  2. Port Dolphin (LNG [Import])
  3. Port Pelican (LNG [Import])

Approved: Decommissioned

  1. Gulf Gateway (LNG [Import])

Approved: Withdrawn After Record of Decision and Prior to License Issuance

  1. Bienville (LNG [Import])
  2. Main Pass Energy Hub (LNG [Import])

Withdrawn Prior to Record of Decision

  1. Beacon Port (LNG [Import])
  2. Calypso (LNG [Import])
  3. Clearwater Port (LNG [Import])
  4. Compass Port (LNG [Import])
  5. Liberty Natural Gas (LNG [Import])
  6. Oceanway Secure Energy (LNG [Import])
  7. Pearl Crossing (LNG [Import])
  8. Safe Harbor Energy (LNG [Import])
  9. Texas Offshore Port System (Oil [Import])

Disapproved Prior to Record of Decision

  1. Cabrillo Port (LNG [Import])
  2. Port Ambrose (LNG [Import])
Updated: Monday, August 5, 2019