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Project Requirements

Financial Requirements - Modifications to GAAP

To be eligible for guarantees, the applicant, its parent company (if applicable), and any other participants having a significant financial or contractual interest in the proposed project will be required to submit U.S. GAAP-compliant, audited financial information.  An applicant must demonstrate there are adequate resources available to meet the following requirements:

  • Minimum of 12.5% equity funded or committed prior to Maritime Administration approval
  • Positive working capital
  • Long-term debt to equity ratio of 2:1 or less
  • Maintain net worth

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Economic Soundness

Economic soundness and the applicant’s ability to repay the guaranteed debt are the primary consideration for approval of a proposed project.  An applicant must demonstrate the following requirements:

  • Need in the particular segment of the maritime industry for new or additional capacity
  • Market potential for the employment of the vessel or utilization of the shipyard over the term of the guaranteed debt
  • Projected revenues and expenses associated with the employment of the vessel or utilization of the shipyard
  • Charters, contracts, agreements, or undertakings which are relevant to the employment of the vessel or utilization of the shipyard
  • Need for technical improvements such as increased fuel efficiency or improved safety (for inland waterway projects)
  • Any other information believed to be relevant to the project

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Technical Acceptance

To be eligible for guarantees, the vessel financed under the project must meet the following criteria:

  • The vessel must be constructed in the United States and must meet the applicable requirements of the U.S. Coast Guard (if an export vessel then it must meet IMO requirements, the laws of the country of documentation and the port it serves, as well as comply with any applicable treaties, conventions, or international conventions)
  • Actual costs for the construction, reconstruction or reconditioning of the vessel must be determined acceptable
  • The vessel must be constructed, maintained, and operated to meet the requirements of either the American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) or another approved classification society
  • Comply with any applicable U.S. laws relating to the operation of the vessel (except in the case of export vessels)
  • For reconstruction or reconditioning – demonstrate that the work on vessel is not necessary because of inadequate maintenance and repair

To be eligible for guarantees, the operator of the vessel financed under the project must meet the following criteria:

  • Provide detailed information about the applicant and bareboat charter to demonstrate that it has the necessary experience, ability, and other qualifications to operate and maintain the vessel or shipyard
  • Identify the ownership of the applicant, including tax identification number, principal business address, articles of incorporation, and officers
  • Principal business of the applicant over the previous five years, information on controlled business entities and the nature of their business
  • Information on the management personnel of the applicant
  • Detailed statement of the applicant’s ability to successfully operate the financed vessel or the shipyard

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Legal and Regulatory compliance

An applicant for a project involving a vessel to be operated in the U.S. coastwise trade must demonstrate U.S. citizenship for the owner and an bareboat charterer.  Additionally, if the applicant is a partnership or limited liability company, the governing agreements for the entities must be in form and substance satisfactory to the Maritime Administration.

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Insurance Requirements

  • Vessels or technology financed by Title XI must maintain adequate insurance during the entire term of the financing.
  • Political risk insurance may be required for an export transaction.
  • Insurance must be provided by an approved domestic or foreign underwriter.

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Updated: Wednesday, October 31, 2018