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Deputy Associate Administrator for Federal Sealift

William (Bill) H. Cahill

William (Bill) H. Cahill joined the Maritime Administration, Office of Ship Operations, Division of Maintenance and Repair in October1993, as a general engineer after 25 years of commissioned service as a command grade officer in the U.S. Navy.

Bill became a member of the Senior Executive Service on May 17, 2015 when accepted the position of Deputy Associate Administrator for Federal Sealift on located in the Office of Strategic Sealift, Maritime Administration.

He serves as the principal deputy to the Associate Administrator for Strategic Sealift and is responsible for Office of Ship Operations which is responsible for the acquisition, operations, maintenance, and repair and logistics support of Government-owned or acquired merchant ships, including the maintenance, inspection, and reactivation programs of the National Defense Reserve Fleet (NDRF) and the Ready Reserve Force (RRF) in support of defense sealift requirements. Functional areas include the following: Division of Maintenance and Repair; Division of Sealift Operations and Emergency Response; Division of Logistics Support; Division of Atlantic Operations; Division of Gulf Operations; and Division of Pacific Operations.

He temporarily served as the Acting, Deputy Associate Administrator for Commercial which administers and implements a variety of programs related to the promotion of government-impelled cargo opportunities for U.S.-flag ships. In this capacity, he administered and coordinated sealift matters for the Maritime Security Program and the Voluntary lntermodal Sealift Agreement.

As the Director for Ship Operations in 2005, Bill was responsible for providing safe, ready and reliable strategic sealift ships to the Department of Defense and disaster recovery sealift vessels to Federal Emergency Management Association when such action is required and authorized by the U.S. Transportation Command (USTC}.   He administered and provided senior leadership and operational direction to maintain, repair and resupply 46 RRF ships, six maritime academy training ships, two Missile Defense Agency ships and three NDRF porting sites.  These DOT-owned ships are positioned at 18 ports geographically located on the East, Gulf and Pacific coasts.  Management oversight is exercised by a clear line of authority from my position as Director, Office of Ship Operations, through three area divisions.  In execution of this responsibility, he establishes plans, policy, management oversight and control of Agency vessels, including out-porting, maintenance and repair, logistics support, safety, and budget support.

Bill has responded to the White House requests to provide RRF ship assistance to the citizens of New Orleans during Hurricane Katrina, in Texas during Rita, in Haiti for the devastating earthquake of 2012, New York during Hurricane Sandy, in Texas for Harvey and the Caribbean during Irma. Under his direction ships are mobilized and sail, carrying relief supplies and possessing a capability to support emergency operations with messing and berthing, and an objective of restoring services to the cities.

This course of action has now evolved into a concept known as “Safe Store”, in which MARAD informs Federal, State and local governments that RRF ships are available to store supplies and equipment aboard ship during an emergency, thus facilitating first responder safe and easy access to the pre-positioned supplies.

Bill resides in Clifton, Virginia with his wife Missy.

Updated: Thursday, October 25, 2018