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Coastal Tanker

U.S. Maritime Commission type T1-M-A1

The T1 was a small “coastal” gasoline tanker designed to be used either by the military (mostly sub-type A2) or transferred to the British Ministry of War Transport as part of the Lend-Lease program (mostly sub-type A1). The two sub-types were very similar; 221 feet long, diesel-powered with a top speed of 10 knots.

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The U.S. Navy typically assigned T1s the hull designation “AOG.” Their small size and shallow draft made them ideal for operating around the small islands and shallow ports of the southwestern Pacific during World War II, where they fueled combat vessels.  Most of the T1s that the U.S. government loaned to Britain were subsequently returned after the war and sold to commercial operators in the Far East.

2011.001R.0196 T1 Tanker (USMMA) still-3
Detailed view of emergency life rafts and tank access.
2011.001R.0196 T1 Tanker (USMMA) still-2
Detailed view of vessel house, with boat deck and guns.
2011.001R.0196 T1 Tanker (USMMA) still-4
Detailed view of forward deck, with cargo boom and piping.

(Maritime Administration Heritage Asset, Object 2011.001R.0196)