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Marine Transportation System National Advisory Council (MTSNAC)

A M.T.S.N.A.C. banner showing ports and large vessels.


The U.S. Maritime Transportation System National Advisory Committee (MTSNAC), formerly named the U.S. Maritime Transportation System National Advisory Council, is a chartered, non-federal body that advises the U.S. Secretary of Transportation through the Maritime Administrator, on matters relating to the U.S. maritime transportation and its seamless integration with other segments of the transportation system, including the viability of the U.S. Merchant Marine. The MTSNAC is comprised of over 40 leaders from commercial transportation firms, port and water stakeholders, labor, and Federal, state and local public entities. The Committee does not exercise program management responsibilities and makes no decisions directly affecting the programs on which it provides advice.  Decisions directly affecting implementation of maritime policy will remain with the Maritime Administrator and the Department of Transportation.

For more MTSNAC information, please contact:

Eric Shen, Designated Federal Officer (202) 308-8968, or

Capt. Jeffrey Flumignan, Co-Designated Federal Officer (212) 668-2064

1200 New Jersey Ave SE, Washington, DC 20590


Updated: Friday, October 26, 2018