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Every Mariner Builds A Respectful Culture (EMBARC) Reporting

Reporting Requirements

The EMBARC Standards aim to eliminate barriers to reporting for SASH incidents and promptly address any report of such prohibited behavior.

USCG Reporting

Recent changes to the law now require the responsible entity of a vessel, defined as the owner, master, or managing operator, to report any complaint or incident of harassment, sexual harassment, or sexual assault to the Coast Guard that violates company policy. To help facilitate reporting, the Coast Guard has consolidated reporting for all types of sexual misconduct and established multiple reporting options as detailed in the attached graphic. The reporting options include a CGIS Tips App, and/or the email address  which can be used by all reporting sources, including bystanders and survivors, who have access to a smart phone or the internet.

USCG National Command Center: (202)-372-2100


CGIS TIPS: Tip Form (


If the responsible entity in charge of a U.S. flagged vessel makes a report, including providing detailed contact information for further follow-up, of a sexual misconduct incident through CGIS Tips, via the CGIS email at, or the NCC’s phone line the report will satisfy the reporting requirements of 46 U.S. Code § 10104(a).

The USCG investigates and prosecutes all cases of Sexual Misconduct that are criminal in nature. The Coast Guard Investigative Service (CGIS) will leverage all available resources to immediately initiate a criminal investigation for a sexual crime occurring on a U.S. flagged vessel anywhere in the world.

To learn more about USCG Reporting please visit the USCG Website: Coast Guard Investigative Service (

Additionally further guidance is provided in the USCG MSIB 1-23: Reporting Sexual Assaults on US Vessels.

USMMA Reporting

When cadets are embarked, Vessel Operators shall immediately (within 24 hours after learning of an allegation) notify USMMA of an allegation of a SASH involved behavior regardless of whether the behavior involves a cadet.

If the incident involves a cadet, operators shall provide a complete report to USMMA when the investigation is complete.