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The Adopt A Ship Program

The Maritime Administration of the U.S. Department of Transportation, supports the teachers and ship crews that are participating in the Adopt-A-Ship Program. Each ship involved in the program is adopted by a classroom each school year. During the year, the class and the ship’s crew correspond and share experiences. The plan fosters interests in geography, history, math, science, transportation, foreign and domestic trade, and English. It affords children an outlet for natural interests in the sea and teaches them something of the steadfast character of the men and women of the American Merchant Marine.

The website offers an opportunity for all of the teachers and students (Grades K-12) involved to share their experiences with other schools and ships. Teachers are encouraged to share their curricular activities through this site and assist other teachers in enriching their curriculum.

Share Your Thoughts

The primary purpose of this web site is to complement the Adopt-A-Ship program by permitting teachers, students, ship’s personnel, and others to communicate and exchange ideas, curricula, and other materials to enrich the program. Your communications are solicited here through email. Ideas and materials submitted for adding to the site will be added to the site where appropriate and when possible and/or placed on bulletin boards for other teachers, students, and ship’s personnel to review. Links to web sites you have developed or recommend will likewise be considered for adding and making them available for others to view.  Please email us with your thoughts on how to improve this web site. Please address your email as follows:
Adopt-A-Ship Email

Faxed material can also be provided (202-366-7901 fax number) although email is preferred. Your assistance in making this web site of greater educational value is appreciated.

Updated: Friday, December 7, 2018