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Pending Applications

Applicant Shipyard Requested Loan Amount Status
Matson Navigation Company, Inc. Philly Shipyard, Inc. Philadelphia, PA $413,000,000 Project approved; letter commitment pending

No. of Ships: 2

Types of Vessels/Projects: Containerships

Actual Cost to Applicant: $472,000,000

Requested Term: 25 yrs

Application Received and Accepted:


Title XI Application Workflow

  • Application submitted; deficiency review in progress
  • Application complete and under review
  • Review complete; recommendation pending
  • Project approved; letter commitment pending
  • Letter commitment issued; awaiting guarantee closing

* If an applicant requests processing be stopped at some point, the above would be substituted with the following --

  • Application processing on hold at the request of applicant
  • Application withdrawn
Updated: Thursday, February 7, 2019