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Vessel Design and Operations

The Office of Safety establishes and maintains active collaboration with government/private sector groups engaged in developing best management practices related to maritime safety and safety compliance in areas such as vessel stability and structural soundness, engineering safety and maintenance, ship recycling, operational human factors, navigational safety and shipyard and marine terminal safety. Office staff participates in and contributes to the:

Ship Structure Committee (SSC)

  • SSC is an interagency research and development committee for safer ships.

Ship Operations Cooperative Program (SOCP)

  • SOCP is an industry-government initiative that addresses and promotes commercial operations through the identification, development, and application of new methods, procedures, and technologies.

USCG Safety Advisory Committee

  • A series of committees under the US Coast Guard addressing safety issues ranging from commercial fishery vessels to merchant mariner medical issues.

Human Factors Coordinating Committee (HFCC)

  • HFCC is a multi-modal team that enhances awareness, understanding and application of human factors in transportation.

National Science Foundation (NSF)

  • NSF coordinates with the Maritime Administration on arctic and global warming activities.

Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers (SNAME)

  • SNAME advances the art, science, and practice of naval architecture, shipbuilding and marine engineering through exchanging and recording information, sponsoring applied research, offering career guidance, supporting education, and enhancing the professional status and integrity of its membership.

International Maritime Organization: Flag State Implementation (IMO – FSI) Casualty Working Group

  • International Maritime Organization’s Casualty Working Group under the sub-committee on Flag State Implementation.
Updated: Wednesday, October 31, 2018