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Ship Donation Program

The Maritime Administration Ship Donation Program was established in 2004 by the authority granted in Public Law 108-136, Section 3512. The purpose of the program is to afford qualified public and non-profit organizations the opportunity to obtain, via donation, obsolete ships from the National Defense Reserve Fleet (NDRF) for use as memorials and/or in other non-commercial enterprises. This authorization replaces the previous practice of obtaining special legislation for the donation of ships.

Program Benefits

The Maritime Administration ship donation program provides qualified organizations with the opportunity to develop implement and conclude plans for the reutilization of specific obsolete NDRF ships. Reutilization includes the historic restoration of ships as memorials and museums and the operational restoration of ships to support non-profit humanitarian missions.

Vessel Availability

The Maritime Administration does not target or set aside NDRF vessels for donation but relies on the applicant to select vessels of interest. Since not all vessels are good donation candidates due to the material condition of the vessel it is important the applicant and the Maritime Administration work closely during the selection process to ensure an appropriate vessel is chosen for the specific donation project.

Who is eligible to apply?

Domestic ship donation applications for obsolete Maritime Administration NDRF vessels are accepted from recipient that are 1) non-profit organization; 2) a State, Commonwealth, or possession of the United States or any municipal corporation or political subdivision thereof, and 3) the District of Columbia.

Updated: Friday, November 2, 2018